Learn how to 'navigate'

Creativity will be the moving force of social and economic changes in the 21st century, first of all in creative industries that owe the most to the development of the knowledge economy, economy in which increasing importance is being given to innovation, research, investments into ICT, education and lifelong learning.

That is why 'navigation' through the areas of creative industries, even through just one sector such as market communications, becomes a first-class assignment.

  • On one hand, it is necessary to familiarise oneself with the geometry of architecture of cultural industries whose pillars are the creative world, creative identities and creative praxis but also creative cities, creative businesses and, of course, creative economy.
  • On the other hand, creative industries, just like irregularities on the surface of some scenery, cannot be recognised by merely passing over them or by merely sightseeing them, they have to be seen from a bird's perspective – as larger forms, more elevated than the horizons closest to them.

In its origin, the concept of creative industries marks the conceptual and practical merging of creative arts (individual talents) with cultural industries (mass) in the context of new media technologies (ICT) in the vastness of the new knowledge economy with newly arising interactive citizens – consumers.

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