Profession "Designer"

Contemporary theoretical orientations don't put the emphasis on the author / creator or on the scientific construction of the actual design solution, but rather on the reader / viewer / consumer and the possibilities of a multiple interpretation. Besides that, this new focus is oriented towards the interpretation by the public: consumer / viewer / reader, and it encourages designers to adjust their visual messages to the special characteristics of the target audience of each individual project. Although the main preoccupation of this orientation is communication and meaning, each of them puts the emphasis on a different component of the communication model sender – message – receiver.

Design as an art takes care of the personal content and expression, design as a science takes care of a systematic presentation of an objective information, and design as a language takes care of how the audience reads and interprets the text and the content. Profession that specialises visual communication was in the centre of this communication revolution. That is exactly the reason why we need highly educated designers that will apply the expertise of visual communication to a whole spectre of communication technologies, especially in the time of interactive media, computer networks and software that incorporate new dimensions of sound, movement, time and virtual space.

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