The particularity of the study programme 'Market communication design' refers to the circumstance, unique in Europe, that in the same place, door to door, there is also the study programme 'Market communication management', which opens numerous possibilities of cooperation on projects, just like in the real world, and a permanent possibility of interdisciplinary team work on real assignments form the praxis, possibility of a constant cooperation of students of both courses in the areas of market and entrepreneurial communication; during that cooperation special intention is given to the adjustment to the current business situations, with all the requirements that arise from them.

  • The main goal of the study programme 'Market communications design' is to educate for 'Art direction' –that is to educate 'generalists' for market communication design, because 'generalism' is being valued more. That is an ability to think that connects, networks and unifies, and out of which only then come creative ideas and solutions.
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