Admission test lasts for two hours and it comprises the following modules:

  • test of general knowledge (multiple-choice questions from the areas of culture, history, politics and economy)
  • expert test (questions from the area of IT, mathematical logic, advertising and market communications as a whole);
  • English test (to read the given information in English and to translate the most important information from that text in a summarized form into Croatia, to answer the given questions in writing);
  • personality test – standardizes psychological test (based on 90 answers the profile of the person is composed (neurosis, extraverted behaviour, openness, ability to master pressure);
  • test of visual culture and drawing from a template.

Admission interview

Candidates who achieved more than 60% of points on the admission test will be invited to an admission interview with the dean. The impression on the interview is especially important for the candidates that achieved similar score on the admission text.


Enrolling in the first year of Market communication design programme takes place every work day from 10.00 to 15.00 o'clock and Saturdays from 9.00 to 13.00 in the School's office in Zagreb, Trnjanska 114, after the tuition is paid based on the tuition contract and after the candidate provides the proof of acquiring a MACBOOK computer.

Admission form for Market communications design

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